Adrenaline Lights provides safe and effective lights for industrial applications. We have been involved in several different applications and can help industries when rugged and safe lighting is important for performance and job safety. We are currently building and developing a variety of industrial clientele and uses.

One application that Adrenaline Lights have been used for is a pressure tank application where the customer used our 45 inch LED light bars on a continual extreme basis to find leaks in their tanks.

Another application that Adrenaline Lights have been used for is lighting a waste to energy boiler in Florida. We developed a system to provide safe, low voltage lighting for inside the boiler during outages and major repair work. This system worked very well, keeping the boiler internals well lit using minimal energy.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. Email is the best way to contact us initially to then setup a time to talk in person, if interested. Please look at some of the pictures below of the Adrenaline Lights used in the waste to energy boiler.

20inch bar

12 inch bar

7 inch bar

7 inch bar close

20 inch bar close


20 inch bar 2

view 2

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