This page is to inform customers of the future product that we are testing and looking into carrying if we feel that it is a quality product for our company. Please feel free to add comments, suggestions or ideas at the bottom of the page. We also might be interested in some testers. Please feel free to email us if you are willing to test some products out for us, in return for pictures, comments, and criticsm.

1: We are looking into replacement reverse lights, Brake lights, turn signals, and switch backs for cars and trucks.

2: We are looking into LED strip lighting. currently we are testing a full water proof version but will be looking in to non water proof versions as well.

3: We are currently working on having an option for back lighting for our LED light bars. Right now we would install the lighting in the customers bar at request for an added cost.

One thought on “Future product

  1. Nick Davidson says:

    You should make LED headlights for 2004-2008 F150s.

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